Sittings 0 & 1 & 2 :- commencement of composition. No images for these 2 applications.

Sittings 0 & 1 & 2

Sitting 0 - main image :- Production of a full-scale/sized, detailed drawing of the whole composition.

Sitting 1 - prep of support :- After cutting the canvas to size ( allowing a 2in overlap all around), i then rabbit glue/size the canvas onto the board. First painting on a thick liquid layer of size onto the whole of the canvas AND onto the board. I then transfer the canvas, carefully!!, onto the board , meticulously smoothing out the canvas ensuring it is absolutely as smooth/flat as possible, applying even pressure using only the palms of my hands. I then turn it over and start to glue/size -down the overlaps evenly, applying more liquid size and stretching the overlaps and applying more size ONTOP, soaking the canvas, then rubbing this in/smoothing out with my hands.
I then turn it BACK over and start the process of applying the remainder of the size onto the ENTIRE surface, soaking it thoroughly, and then rubbing this in, evenly with the palms of my hands. It should be at this stage that the size will begin to congeal. GREAT !!! that just how I want it. When the entire surface is completely wet/smoothed-out/rubbed-in, I then put it up and out of the way for a few days to dry completely

Sitting 2 - It should be BONE-DRY to the touch.
-I then apply a thick coat of acrylic gesso primer, wait for that to dry, then transfer the image.
- I then SEAL the image in with a watercolour-like layer of oil diluted in turps in a tone that is relevant to the actual composition. In this case burnt umber.