Begin rendering of main figure/subject

Sitting 9

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Begin rendering of main figure/subject -
It is in this sitting I start the underlying establishment of tones/colours and shapes of the figure. Like previous, I don't try to be too accurate or discerning of tight contours or overlapping mistakes. (although I try to keep them at an absolute minimum, of course!!- less work correcting later!!)
Colours used- Naples yellow extra, Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Cobalt violet, Unbleached Tit, Ultramarine, Burnt umber, Raw umber, Yellow ochre, Vermillion and FCwhite.
I leave for the time being the details/formulation of the eyes and nose and just focus on the large, structural areas such as legs, arms and torso/lingerie.
It doesn't matter how much over-transfer/blending goes onto hair and shoes as these areas are just black with a few details and highlights which can be done towards the end of the composition.