Continuation of rendering of figure:- skin tones only

Sitting 10

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Continuation of rendering of figure:- skin tones only
In this sitting I build upon the previous sitting focusing on the skin tones only. I leave the lingerie till later. Here I develop the underlying depth of the skin tones to establish a base to begin multiple glazes later-on. I keep on the side of not-quite-perfect blending/amalgamation of the colours since the forth-coming glazes will bring together/bind and emulsify tones/colours and 3-dimensional characteristics.
Colours used - Raw sienna, Buff tit, Burnt umber, Vandyke brown, Burnt sienna, Yellow ochre, Naples yellow extra, Ultramarine, Payne's grey, FC white and Cad' red light.
You will notice I have left the main structural areas of the face- nose and eyes alone. At this stage I tried putting them in, but, she was looking a bit like Micheal Jackson!!! so I rubbed them out and left the work to dry to begin the next sitting where I will start with the face and begin glazing the other areas, with perhaps adding little additions to surrounding areas like stockings/lingerie and furniture, building upon the glazes with each new sitting.