Face/Hair/(legs/Stockings)1st Shadow glaze.

Sitting 11

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Face/Hair(Legs/stockings)1st Shadow glaze. :-
It is in this sitting that I build upon the previous sitting, adding more tone/depth/warmth to the skin tones, hopefully rendering them more 3 dimensional. I begin the 1st glaze of shadow elements using Payne's Grey.(It is transparent and enough to build multiple glazes upon.This is concentrated around the extremities of the furniture, bottom right-quarter ,and under foreground right-leg and rear-left quarter(covering carpet and curtains) -
Made a mistake!!!!!! OOOOOPPPSSSS!!!!! Silly!! - over compensated, highlighting right arm from shoulder.!!!!!!!
Will aim to correct next sitting, warm it up a bit!!!!
Colours used- Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Naples Yllw xtra, Yllw ochre, Blush tint, Flesh ochre, Caput Mortum Violet, Cad' Red light, Paynes Grey, Ultramarine, FC White, Buff tit,, Warm Grey Light, Vandyke brown, bUrnt Umber and Mars Black.