Corrections from last sitting +

Sitting 12

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Corrections from last sitting +
Focusing primarily on the mistakes of highlighting on the last sitting( right arm from shoulder), I corrected this, first, in this sitting.(You will forgive the lighting of the photo!!!! the natural light source on the left of the image DOESN'T!!! do justice to my corrections!!!!). I continued with development of the skin tones,hands and hair(plus a little of the highlights) and facial development/characteristics/depth and warmth.
I am now 95% happy with the face/eyes(proportion/size and establishment) and skin tones and will begin further enhancement of the lingerie(stockings and teddy), next sitting.
Tones used:- Cobalt Violet, Ultramarine, Paynes Grey, FC White, Yllw ochre, Naples Yllw extra,Vandyke brown, Burnt umber, Burnt sienna, Raw sienna, Unbleached tit, Blush tint,, Red ochre, Cad red light, and maroon red deep.