Further development on from sitting 12-

Sitting 13

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Building on from sitting 12
It is at this stage I work and develop the image towards 95% completion with the formulation of the stockings ( leaving only tiny, minor corrections/adjustments next sitting), 90% completion of the main body (again leaving only minor touches/adjustments), adding details of shoes(excluding dominant highlights) and adding the 2nd dark shadow glaze onto foreground.
Tones used- FC White/Ivory black/Paynes grey/Warm grey light//Unbleached tit/Yllw ochre/Naples yllw extra/Raw sienna/Burnt sienna/Cobalt brown/Vandyke brown/Burnt umber/Ultramarine//Cad red light/Cad red deep/Red ochre/Blush tint/Cobalt violet dark and cobalt violet med'.