Completion of - Shoes/Legs/Torso//Arms/Carpet+Glazes+98% completion of Hair

Sitting 14

Article text
It is from now on - I change my medium from a liquid recipe medium to JUST 'Black Oil' on it's own. Always bearing in mind 'Fat Over Thin' !! Without any other recipe ingredients, the Black Oil dries quite sufficiently on it's own within 48hrs!!!
It is in this sitting that I complete all work on Shoes-Legs-Torso-Arms and put a final shadow glaze on foreground carpet under right leg. The hair is now rendered to approx 97% establishment, leaving only minor corrections yet to do.
Tones used- Vandyke brown/Cobalt brown/Burnt umber/Burnt sienna/Raw sienna/Yellow ochre/Naples yellow extra/Unbleached tit/Warm grey light/Ivory black/Paynes grey/FC White/Ultramarine/Cad red deep/Cad red light/Red ochre/Flesh tint/Cobalt violet dark+med.