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Sitting 15

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Back to furniture
It is in this sitting that I go back to the furniture to bring it up to the same level as the rest of the composition, so far, also adding IN the missing stitched,piping, around the cushioning. I work to bring the depth and realism up to same standard as the main figure, to amalgamate the total image, bringing it together. (almost finally!!). Main details of the woodwork, including shadow tones and lighter elements, including the second piece of furniture to the right!(which, I might add, is NOT the same configuration as the main chair, which the model is sitting on,in the image!!!) , are added IN. Bright White highlights are begun, but as you can see, NOT, truly established here. You can class what you can see as the underlying LAYER of white highlights before the next and (hopefully) final sitting!!!.
It is in the next sitting that I hope to finally complete the composition, making additions to final areas, adjustments/corrections to any other areas that need it,(with meticulous scrutinization), paying close attention to cleaning-up contours/lines/shapes/detail etc... everywhere....! - You will notice I HAVEN'T used combinations of blues/yellows and blacks to make up my greens. You just COULDN'T make the particular greens needed for this work this way.

Tones used this sitting-Vandyke brown/Burnt umber/Paynes grey/Ultramarine/Burnt sienna/Yellow ochre/Unbleached tit/Buff tit/Raw sienna/Sap green/Olive green/Permanent sap green/Naples yellow(med)/FC White and Cad' Orange.