Final touch-ups/corrections and refinements of the 'entire' composition.

Sitting 16

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This is where I go over the entire composition, inch by inch, correcting everything- that needs it. Adding touches to highlights for instance, dark glazes, depth and detail to woodwork and cushioning of furniture etc...., bringing the image up-to as real a depiction I can, adjusting 'minor' areas of skin tone for instance....
Tones used - Cobalt Violet Dark/Ultramarine/Paynes Grey/FC White/Ivory Black/Cad Red Deep/Cad Red Light/Red Ochre/Caput Mortum Violet/Yellow Ochre/Naples Yellow Xtra/Raw Sienna/Cad Orange/Burnt Sienna/Vandyke Brown/Burnt Umber/Burnt Sienna/Warm Grey Light.