Basic blocking-in/covering as much of the white of the support as possible.

Sitting no#1

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Sitting no#1
This first sitting is very brief/basic. I chose to employ LIQUIN in this composition, as I had a brand new bottle and figured it would be waste to not use it after becoming so used to using oil based liquid recipe mediums for the last few years.
I also chose to use what was left of my Tit white (although not ALL of it)- I hate wasting materials!!!
After a very simple pencil outlining of the main structural areas/shapes, I then proceeded to apply reasonably opaque tones to set the image.
Although the majority of the tones listed here are predominantly transparent, I was aware of this, knowing that in the subsequent sittings I will build-upon them to give them more depth.
Tones used- Ultramarine/Cobalt Blue(Hue)/Cerulean Blue(Hue)/Prussian Blue/Olive Green/ Sap Green/Hookers Green/Cadmium Brown/Tit White.