Focus on tree and grass in foreground.

Sitting no#3

Article text
Here I develop the tree more, adding more tone/depth and adding highlights and secondary branches. I begin to work-in the darkest shadow areas around the base and continue to work-in more detail and shadows into the path at hthe bottom of the image.
It is in this sitting only that NO tube greens are used. Greens used to further the grass areas are made up from blues and yellows. A thin mid-tone is applied to the buildings.
Tones used- Mars Black/Tit White/Warm Grey Light/Buff Tit/Raw Sienna/Burnt Umber/Vandyke Brown/Cobalt Blue(ultramarine)/Cerulean Blue(Hue)/Cerulean Blue/Ultramarine/Prussian Blue/Yellow Ochre/Cadmium Yellow Deep/Chrome Yellow/Naples Yellow.