Cat fur tones & characteristics.

Sitting #4

Article text
Since I try with all my work to convey a good, general, believable & accurate, overall depiction of the subjects, ( I will admit that my impatience limits me somewhat!!!), - I have not tried to paint every, single hair!!! like some artists do. So it is here I concentrate my focus on bringing to life more of the true values of the fur/head/paws details , especially developing the facial characteristics, 'melting' the outlines of the subject 'into' the background etc. It is also here I bring in Cremnitz white for the first time. I continue to bring up these elements over the next sitting as well.
Tones used - Cemnitz white, Carbon black, Burnt umber, Brown ochre deep, Sepia extra, Burnt sienna, Raw sienna, Naples yellow light+ extra+ medium, Ochre, Yellow ochre, Unbleached titanium dioxide, Buff titanium and Warm grey light.
These will be used in the next sitting plus others...>