Main focus - spot detail.

Sitting #6

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Here I work predominantly on the spots and darks of the whole image. Only about 50% of the spots are actually black, mainly those in the foreground I.e- on the paws and breast, also those in the far background in (almost) shadow. The rest, the majority of the head, rest of legs/fore shoulders, some of the ears are done with browns and a little mixed with Ultramarine. I keep some of the warm sienna tones worked in otherwise painting the spots directly on top on the fur, verbatim, it will look a bit flat and 2 dimensional. I also work more tube black into the background and finish the sitting with a little touching up/correction of the tree branch on which he is sitting and face details.
Tones used - Cremnitz white, Carbon and Mars black, Vandyke brown, Sepia extra, Brown ochre deep, Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Buff titanium, Warm grey light, Naples yellow extra, Ochre, Ultramarine, Cerulean blue hue and Cobalt violet hue.