Final sitting/corrections.

Sitting #7

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Note- For this last sitting i change my medium to - "Black oil" only. On its own.
All tones used here are the same as the previous sitting - plus - Olive green, Permanent sap green, Sap green.
So continuing the same focus as the last sitting I work on the spot AND surrounding fur detail, making multiple finite corrections, enhancing the surrounding flora/fauna and facial details including the eyes, snout, whiskers and loose white/toned fur.
As you can see from the previous sittings image the background has sunk!. So to correct this I add yet another glaze of Carbon black over the whole of the background, blending over the cat's rear quarters, bottom half of the branch and below and then in the top corners adding a little Mars black in to which I finish the green detailing of the leaves.
Once dry, I leave it at least 2-3weeks, (its also summer at the moment which helps) I then apply a good, single coat of re-touch to bring it back to life.