Completion of underpainting.

Figure scene - sitting #4

Article text
In this image you can clearly see the enhancement of all the figures, the atmosphere of the composition and a lot more 3 dimensional feel to the image. It is still just a tonal and form study!!! No attempt has been made to configure the details of clothing nor the background. I redraw the 'minimal' line sketch, I.e - outline of hands/fingers, facial features-if any!! etc.. so as not to completely lose them and to reinforce the physical characteristics.
With the enhanced darks, shadow accents and cast shadow, it now has more depth to it and still, the tint of the board is still being used, now more effectively, as the highlights.
Brushes used - #1 synthetic round and #4 natural short flat blender.
I change my paint for this stage to burnt umber ground in linseed, as you can see in the image, is slightly more opaque and has more body. But, still transparent!!!!