Commencement of colour work

Figure scene sitting #5

Article text
This sitting begins the colour work. I only glaze the tones to ensure I can work with the underpainting underneath. I only use flat tones of reds and browns, in-keeping with the overall feel of the image.
Into the background glaze I loosely, (and i do mean loosely!!!) scrub in a idea of the detail here- (left of image). This just gives me an idea of location and related structure of background to foreground. I am 'not'! concerned at all with finite detail as all this detail will be over-painted and refined as I go on.
I also scrub in flat tones of the picture on the wall.

Colours used - burnt umber and sienna/yellow ochre/alizarin crimson/ultramarine/cobalt violet and ivory black.
Brushes- #4 short flat, #10 short flat, #4 bristle round, #10 natural short flat blender and 1" long flat badger blender.