Figure scene sitting #6

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Like the previous sitting, I start this sitting with the figures. Again, using only basic flat tones to start to establish form and structure. I also develop further the table with papers and the dark shadow to the far left. No effort for detail is really necessary still, as all will be built upon in subsequent sittings. Only lights and darks are layed down, still glazing!! I also scrub in basic tones of the floor.

Colours used- Vandyke brown/Burnt umber and sienna/Ultramarine//Raw sienna/Yellow ochre/Ochre/Unbleached titanium dioxide/Flesh tint and Flemish white.
Brushes- #3 short flat, #3 long flat, #5 round, #8 short flat, #4 natural short flat blender and #4 bristle fan blender.