Figure scene sitting #7

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I work into the background with a vermilion glaze, from centre to right, whilst building up the dark red/ brown shadow tones to the left. Into this I loosely!!! draw in some of the detail as well. I rework the floor tones and start the carpets. Again, no focus on the finite details just yet. I begin to set down the feel and tones of the lower wall behind the legs of the figures. Nothing too focused, it is used to set placement and dimensional characteristics for now.

Colours used- Flemish white/Ivory black/Cadmium brown/Burnt umber and sienna/Ultramarine/Alizarin crimson/Vermilion/Warm grey light/Buff titanium/Raw sienna/Yellow ochre and Naples yellow extra deep.

Brushes- #'s 3,4,5 and 6 short flats, #3 round's, #10 natural short flat blender and 1" long flat badger blender.