Figure development

Figure scene sitting #8

Article text
This sitting starts the development of each figure. 1 sitting for each. Although, this means that when all that can be done for that particular figure, the remainder of the sitting can be spent on other areas where the colours on my pallette are appropriate for such.
I focus my attentions on the standing man to the far left. Here the main details are the trousers and shirt. I do not try to paint these verbatim, but simply to lay down a working base of form, feel and tone.

Once I have done all that can be done, I finish off the sitting with the floor details under his feet and painting in, more opaquely, to the far right, overlapping the hands and feet of the other figures.

Colours- Flemish white/Mars black/Vandyke brown/Burnt umber and sienna/Brown ochre deep/Naples yellow extra-deep/Yellow ochre/Ultramarine/Cobalt violet medium/Alizarin crimson/Prussian blue/Unbleached titanium dioxide and Warm grey light

Brushes - #'s 1,2,3,4 rounds, #'s 4,5 long flats,#4 short flat,#'s 4 and 11 natural short flat blenders and a #2 bristle fan blender.