Continuation of figure.

Figure scene sitting #9

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Still working on the same figure as the last sitting, I work into the trousers and shirt detail slightly more opaquely, but, not so much as to lose the underpainting completely. The underpainting is still visible across the whole image even at this stage!!
I try to soften the contrasts between the shadows and folds of the trousers and to begin to develop, more constructively, the form and detail of the shirt.

Once I have worked what I can, I then put another glaze around the table, work in more detail of the wood and papers.

Colous- as sitting #8 plus- Cobalt violet deep Vermilion.
Brushes- #'s 2,3,5 rounds, #'s 3 and 4 short flats,#'s 4's and 7 natural short flat blenders and a #5 synthetic stubby round blender.