Young boy.

Figure scene - sitting #10

Article text
This sitting I focus the majority of my attention on the squatting boy, as he is, at this stage still comprised of underpainting. Saying that, I still try to keep some of the underpainting showing, ready for when I go back to the figures at a later stage. I rework the dark shadow accents and cast shadow and lay down a semi-opaque passage on the face and hands. I do not worry too much about fine detail or tidiness, as all this can be corrected later on.
I use the remaining hour of this sitting to work small touches into the female figures, mainly shadow, nothing else.
Colours used - Ivory black/Flemish white/Unbleached Titanium dioxide/Naples Yellow extra/Raw&Burnt Sienna/Burnt umber/Vandyke brown/Cobalt Violet/Vermilion & Ultramarine.
Brushes- #'s 4,5,&6 rounds, #3 short flats, #3 short flat blender, #2 bristle fan blender & #5 stubby round blender.