Figure scene - sitting #11

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Here I apply a half-paste passage to whole of the background. A half-paste is a semi- transparent layer allowing you to still work with and show, the previous work underneath. Normally, you would work into this to allow soft & subtle blending, but here I use it to put down a solid tone on which I will work later on. Working from left to right, I deepen the shadows and build up to a midtone of lights on the right. I also develop the shadow accents and detail of the rockface next to this. Using the same red tones I work into the first lady, centre.
Colours used - Ivory black/Flemish white/Ultramarine &Prussian blue/Vandyke brown/Burnt umber/Burnt sienna/Unbleached titanium dioxide/Ochre/Yellow ochre/Naples yellow extra/Naples yellow deep extra/Vermilion/Alizarin crimson & Maroon red deep.
Brushes- #'s 3&7 short flats, #'s 1&3 rounds, #4 short flat blenders, Medium badger fan blender, #2 bristle fan blender & #5 stubby round blender.