Figure scene - sitting #12

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This sitting and the next couple, are focused purely on the background. I start to work on the scrolled, vine/leaf detail, laying down the darkest tones first, left to centre, up to the highlighted area to the right. I have already layed down a dark undertone on the swept/shield pattern and border, so I begin adding detail, sharpening line and outline and gradually work up-to a lighter tone which will enhance detail. I add more detail to the rockface, again working up-to a lighter tone. It is in this sitting I change my whites from Flemish white to Cremnitz white. The Cremnitz white is less thick and creamier than the Flemish white - a pleasure to work with, ( also, the best white you could possibly work with!!!!)
The detail on the background is going to take several sittings, concentration is exhausting!!!

Colours uses - Cremnitz white/Unbleached Titanium dioxide/Alizarin crimson/Vermilion/Flesh tint/Cobalt violet/Ultramarine & Prussian blue/Burnt umber/Vandyke brown/Raw&Burnt sienna/Ochre/Yellow ochre.
Brushes - #14 pure red sable bright/#'s 3&4 rounds/#2 rigger/#6 badger fan blender/#4 long round blender & #2 flat blender.