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Figure scene - sitting #13

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It is here I change my medium from Flemish Maroger to just Black oil on its own. Granted, when I made this the first time, I used bleached linseed. This oil, however, I've used cold-pressed linseed, washed- 8 times, - first 5 washes with salt water, last 3 in plain water. Also, it didn't exactly turn black either!!, but, the majority of the litharge had been dissolved/absorbed, was slightly thicker in consistency, but nonetheless, dries in under 24 hrs, remains workable for at least 4-5hrs and glazes nicely, so no complaints. This also allows more finite detail work because it is a liquid unlike the jelly Flemish Maroger medium. I actually prefer liquid mediums anyway, using a pipette to add one drop at a time.
Still working on the background, I continue to build-up lighter tone and detail, refining, smoothing and softening as I go.
Once I feel I have done what i can, i finish off the sitting adding touches and more opaque tones to the 2 ladies on the right.

Colours used - Cremnitz white/Ivory black/Cobalt blue black/Ultramarine/Vandyke brown/Burnt umber/Raw sienna/Yellow ochre/Naples yellow extra/Alizarin crimson/Cobalt violet/Vermilion/Flesh tint & Warm grey light.
Brushes - #'s 3&7 short flats, #'s 1,3&4 rounds/#4 natural short flat blender, #2 bristle fan blender, 1" long flat badger blender and #5 stubby round blender.