Figure scene - sitting #14

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I now begin to focus solely on the background. The most intricate detail is in the top border and shield design, so this is where I focus my efforts. In the previous sittings photo, you can see it is quite dark so I begin to work in a low tone on larger areas of the design and into this a lighter tone of smaller details.
I continue this process, working slightly lighter tones into darker tones, lifting the overall light and texture and feel of these areas.
I add a mixture of cobalt blue black and burnt umber for the dark vine details, adding raw sienna as I work to the right, until I add to this, yellow ochre and then warm grey light in the highlighted area ,right of centre.
Colours used as previous sitting.
Brushes - #'s 2/0,3 & 4 rounds,#8 short flat, #7/0,1 &2 riggers,#4 natural short flat blender and #'s2 & 5 stubby round blenders.