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Figure scene - sitting #15

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As the previous sitting, I continue to work into the border details, the hanging/ framed picture and larger details.
I develop the vine detail/tone, picking out detail with ochres and Naples yellows, the same with the border/shield design switching between darks of sepia extra/vandyke brown and burnt umbers/ siennas and lights of ochres and Naples yellows. I do the same with the crimson background area working to the right from darks made up from vandyke brown/alizarin crimson/cobalt violet to lights of alizarin crimson to vermilion.

Colours used - Cremnitz white, Ivory black, Buff titanium, unbleached titanium dioxide, sepia extra, vandyke brown, burnt umber, raw sienna, Naples yellow deep extra, Naples yellow extra, yellow ochre, ochre, cobalt blue black, ultramarine, alizarin crimson, carbazole violet, cobalt violet, vermilion and flesh tint.
Brushes - #'s 1,2,3,5 rounds, #'s 7/0, 2 riggers, #4 natural short flat blenders, medium badger fan blender, #2 stubby round blender.