Background cont'd & mid background behind figures

Figure scene - sitting #16

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I keep building on the detail of the whole upper background area, this includes the rockface detail to the right and the tapestry detail far right.
It is in this sitting I wish to - almost- complete, bearing in mind I will add a couple of glazes to add to the cast shadow and shadow accents later, so obviously this stage 'has' ! to be dry!!!

Once i have done all I can I add to the mid-ground below the tapestry. Only a small amount of this is black, very dark, the rest is varying lighter areas including browns and ochres of rock detail.

Colours used are as previous sitting.
Brushes - #3 long flat, #1 short flat, #'s 2/0, & 1 rounds, #1 rigger, #2 bristle fan blender, #6 badger fan blender & #'s2 and 5 stubby round blenders.