Flesh tones cont'd & fabrics/clothing

Figure scene - sitting #18

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Developing what I put down in the previous sitting, I build and add more depth to arms and especially legs. There is not exactly a lot of skin on show here, just arms, legs, a head and two faces- both of which are in shadow. Nonetheless, I work more finitely, as I will in the next 3 sittings ensuring accuracy and light are maintained. I lay down a midtone of flesh and then move to shirts and coats next. Still working in mid- shadow tones.

Colours used - as previous sitting, plus - cadmium orange.
Brushes - #'s 2/0,1,3,4 & 6 rounds, #3 short flat, #4 short flat blenders, 1/2" squirrel tinter, & #'s 2 & 5 stubby round blenders.