Flesh tones cont'd, clothing and last background glaze.

Figure scene - sitting #19

Article text
Skin tones are brought up to an almost! complete stage here as I also work on the clothing at the same time, balancing fabrics - colour and tone against skin tone and shadow, working one with the other, relative to the overall lighting of the composition.
I work on the white shirt first, working light into shadow and the same for the coat of the second female where i begin to add the detail to the coat as well. Shoes are dealt with here.
I apply the last background glaze using the same colours and method as I did in sitting #17.

Colours used as previous sitting #17, #18
Brushes - #'s 2/0,1,4 & 5 rounds, #10 short flat, #3 long flat, 3/8" squirrel tinter, #'s 4 & 7 short flat blenders, 1" badger long flat blender, #2 stubby round blender