Figure scene - sitting #21

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Here I use this sitting to go over ' everything' I have done so far. I check shadows, light, accuracy, skin tone, atmosphere, clothing and highlights etc... making small corrections and additions where necessary. So, this covers the entire upper background left to right, mid ground behind figures, the 4 figures I have been working on and the right 50% half of the floor. I add some impressionistic details to the carpet here, add more white highlights to shirt, head scarves , shoes etc.. Highlights to flesh tones, maybe a little vandyke brown for some shadow perhaps...
This basically wraps up the first 80% of the image and now leaves me with the two remaining figures on the left and the floor and bottom left corner.

Colours used as previous sitting.
Brushes - #'s 2/0,1 & 2 rounds, #bristle short flat, #'s 4 & 10 natural short flat blenders, #2 bristle fan blender & #'s2 and 5 stubby round blenders.