Begin completion of 1st/2nd figures

Figure scene, sitting #22

Article text
Now I am heading towards completion, I go back to the 1st & 2nd figures. I begin, as previous, with the flesh tones, keeping them in a low key relevant to the dark shadow aspects of the area.
I leave the flesh tones at a point where I know I can add minor touches and glazes in the next sitting. The young boys face is the only facial detail visible in the image, but, it is in such dark shadow that I do not try too hard to be finitely detailed, as when viewed at a distance, it will work enough to understand what's going on.
I build up the clothing detail, especially the boys shirt 1st and then work into the stripes and folds detail of the mans shirt 2nd. Again, finite detail is not the absolute goal here, but, it needs to be accurate enough to deliver when viewed at a distance.

Colours used - Cremnitz white, Ivory black, Vandyke brown, Brown ochre deep, Burnt umber & sienna & Raw sienna, Warm grey light, Buff titanium, Naples yellow extra, Ochre, Yellow ochre, Cadmium orange, Vermilion and Flesh tint.
Brushes - #'s 2/0,1,2 & 4 rounds, #3 short flat, #3 long flats, #4 natural short flat blenders & a 3/8" squirrel tinter.