Tidy up & review

Figure scene sitting #24

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Here, I go over the entire composition and assess everything, every inch. - are the glazes correct and do they work?,is the light right?, is each figure correct, tonally and relative to each other and the setting/scene etc....Tiny little touches and embellishments are added and so on...
This is a very short sitting, only 2 hrs or so!!!

Colours used - Cremnitz white, Ivory black, Ultramarine, Vandyke brown, Burnt umber and sienna, Cadmiun orange, Naples yellow, Naples yellow extra, Yellow ochre, Warm grey light, Buff titanium, Flesh tint & Vermilion.
Brushes - #'s 2/0 & 1 rounds, #2 rigger, #6 short flat, #'s 4 & 10 natural short flat blenders and a #2 stubby round blender.